Bartek Matusiak: Web/UX Designer + Information Architect

UX/UI/Web Designer + Information Architect

Information Architect with a Master’s Degree in Information Science. Several years of experience in UI/UX design and business analysis. Professional Web and Graphic Designer and Webmaster with many years of experience in web and print media. Strong background in information management.

From the Letter of Recommendation by my previous employer:
Bart […] has been […] one of the most creative and capable web designers we have had the pleasure to work with. […] He has been integral in developing UI/UX and development and often played a role in developing and implementing overall web strategies and dealt with the details within the bigger picture. His coding skills are excellent, as are his problem-solving skills […]. Bart has always learned innovative ways of producing our designs for our clients […]. Bart’s knowledge, abilities and dependability make him a great candidate for many different roles, so he’s very highly recommended.


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